Created for Redmond Lights 2018, this oversized blue heron is taking off from the water’s edge, inviting viewers to reconnect with the abundant natural wonders of the Samammish River. Shaped from steel and wrapped with 1,000 LED lights, the piece celebrates the majestic form of this iconic local inhabitant.             […]

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Boom Boom

This project for the City of Renton was what public art is all about. It was such a treat to work on a mural dedicated to the local legend, Boone Kirkman. I got to meet and interview Boone, experience the joy that the project brought to folks that have been in Renton for generations, and […]

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Created for the City of Shoreline’s Groundswell public art program, ‘Restoration’ is a temporary sculpture that speaks to human’s role in the development of natural spaces, asking where natural ends and man-made begins.                          

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Ballard Buoy

My largest mural to date, Ballard Buoy, was commissioned this past summer for a retail building in the heart of Ballard.                              

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