the person

Will Schlough is an artist living and working in Seattle, Washington. After growing up in Ohio and New Hampshire, Will moved to Pittsburgh to pursue a BFA at Carnegie Mellon University where he graduated with Honors in 2007. Will lived and worked in Los Angeles before receiving a Fulbright grant in 2008 to create sculpture in Iceland based on the society’s interaction with its unique landscape. After completing his grant work in 2009, Will moved back to Pittsburgh where he continued his artistic practice, focusing predominantly on the production of work in the public realm. Will relocated to Seattle in the fall of 2014 to be near family and expand on his public art practice.

the practice

The ultimate goal of my artistic practice is to put surprising, playful, and thought-provoking work in public spaces where it can be experienced and enjoyed by an expanded audience. Whether it’s a giant acorn smashing a park bench, a man being gobbled up by a pay phone, or giant toy jacks that sit alongside cars in a downtown parking lot, my work often puts forth a playful narrative that interacts with its surroundings. The resulting work asks important questions concerning the trajectory of our society while simultaneously providing a welcome change of pace to the often-monotonous hustle and bustle of daily life. I take pride in the accessibility of my work. While it is playful and comprehensible, it is not without concept. When creating work for the public realm, I find it important to cite life as a source, more so than art. We all experience the changes of the seasons, the development of new technologies, and the comfort of friends, but we didn’t all study art history. As a result, it is crucial that every piece speak truthfully to its surrounding environment and the people who experience it.