mural projects

boom boom

acrylic on stucco
25′ 30′
renton, wa

created to commemorate boone ‘boom boom’ kirkman, a local renton legend, this downtown mural speaks to Boone’s professional career, as well as his childhood and local roots.



ballard buoy

acrylic on cement block
22′ x 192′
seattle, wa

created for a retail development in the heart of ballard, this gigantic aquatic themed mural adds a playful vibe to the area, while leaving room for the various tenant logos to come.


bales and ales

acrylic on alumilite
2 murals, 12′ x 24′ each
woodinville, wa

designed to commemorate the farming and distilling industries of woodinville and painted by the community to celebrate the city’s 25th anniversary, these two symmetrical murals live on the entryway trestle to the city.



acrylic on ACX plywood and cement block
seattle, wa

created for the washington state convention center, with help from urban artworks, this playful mixed media piece depicts the state bird of washington wrapping (or unwrapping?) a unique building in bright red ribbon.


level up!

acrylic on concrete
28’x 40′
seattle, wa

created with urban artworks and the downtown seattle association, level up! adds a playful narrative to an unusual gridded facade.


starting the garden

acrylic on signboard
10’x 16′
seattle, wa

created for the diverse community of beacon hill in seattle, this mural depicts a young girl transplanting a ginger root, signifying a new start and a fruitful future.


shoefitr mural

acrylic and spray paint on brick
25’x 40′
pittsburgh, pa

created for my friend’s tech company in pittsburgh (the handsome dude in the last picture), this mural is a combination of art and advertising, contrasting some behind the scenes work with some of the company’s user interface graphics.



cut and painted expanded pvc, street signs, and cable ties
9.5’x 38′
sharbsburg, pa

created as part of ARTEZ’s riverfront development work, this graffiti inspired quasi mural references the maze-like nature of the area and acts as a dynamic, colorful sign of exciting things to come, including a skate park in the bridge corridor.


ornate aerie

acrylic on cement block
8’x 30′
ithaca, ny

located on a garage stairwell in Ithaca’s vibrant downtown, this mural references the area’s rich birding culture in a cinematic scene that also pays tribute to the independent movie theatre located just feet away.


apple catapult

acrylic on brick
18’x 50’
indianapolis, in

created for the arts council of indianapolis’ 46 for XLVI murals program. painted on a nonprofit dedicated to providing teachers free school supplies, this mural playfully speaks to the importance of education and creativity.


untitled (jacks)

routed and painted poly-metal panels and acrylic on brick
20’x 170′
indianapolis, in

created for the arts council of indianapolis’ 46 for XLVI murals program. mounted on a deteriorating wall next to a downtown parking lot, these shiny jacks provide a stark contrast to the wall while incorporating cars into their toy world.