public sculptures


steel and LEDs
9’x 9’x 8’
redmond, wA

created for redmond’s annual light festival, this oversized blue heron is taking off from the water’s edge, inviting viewers to reconnect with the abundant natural wonders of the sammamish river. shaped from steel and wrapped with 1,000 LED lights, the piece celebrates the majestic form of this iconic local inhabitant.



painted steel, ceramic pot, synthetic plant
12’x 4’x 4’
shoreline, washington

restoration depicts a human hand with a newly potted plant evolving from an old stump. created for shoreline’s groundswell program, designed to encourage citizens to explore their local parks, the piece cleverly asks viewers to consider where ‘natural’ ends and ‘manmade’ begins.


water balloons

concrete, steel, paint, appropriated fire hydrant
2’x 4’x 8’
Seattle, WA

these whimsical concrete sculptures present a life in which fire hydrants can be used to fill gigantic water balloons, asking viewers to picture a world that’s slightly more playful



tethered kites 2

steel, concrete, ribbon, paint, and hardware
5’x 6’x 8′
naperville, il

created for almost home kids, an organization that provides transitional care for children with complicated health needs, these kites are a centerpiece in the facility’s new peace garden.


oak harbor bench

steel, concrete, paint, salvaged wood, and appropriated bench
2.5’x 6’x 3′
oak harbor, oh

this commissioned bench is located  under a newly planted oak tree at the entrance of oak harbor high school in ohio. two ‘unharmed’ benches sit nearby, furthering the narrative and completing the parklet.


bicycle bridge

powder coated steel and polished aluminum
93″x 24″x 36″
pittsburgh, pa

this bridge bike rack turns an iconic pittsburgh bridge into a useful object on pittsburgh’s downtown streetscape. the piece is designed to provide a sense of pride for pittsburghers and unify both cyclists and drivers in that pride.


ball machine

nylon balls, cording, and steel
carrie furnaces, rankin, pa

temporarily installed at the retired carrie furnaces in rankin, pa as part of the alloy pittsburgh residency, this installation visually turned a section of the historic site into a giant ball machine, calling attention to the intricacies of the furnaces, while contrasting its rusted metal with brightly colored plastic.


park bench 2

steel, concrete, paint, salvaged wood, and appropriated bench
3’x 6’x 3.5′
tecumseh, mi

installed in tecumseh, michigan as part of a year-long outdoor exhibit, this poor unsuspecting bench has been crushed by an oversized acorn from an unknown source.



steel, oil drums, sintra, polycarbonate, and hardware
6’x 12’x 14′
pittsburgh, pa

created for the children’s museum of pittsburgh’s tough art artist residency. this spinning stack of barrels, located in the museum’s garage workshop, provides viewers with an incredible optical illusion and a unique chance for children to move something huge!







porter’s parking patch

painted steel and concrete
50″x 60″x 140″
easton, pa

created for the easton main street initiative’s artist designed bike rack project to memorialize robin porter, an avid gardner and cyclist, this sculptural bike rack depicts giant pumpkins emerging from the sidewalk, creating a unique narrative by combining the natural environment with the urban landscape.



steel, appropriated wheel, and chain
30″x 36″x 88″
pittsburgh, pa

This creative piece of street art depicts a lonely bike wheel sprouting wings and attempting to escape from the three rivers bike rack to which it’s been locked.


untitled (pay phone)

appropriated objects
16″x 38″x 80″
pittsburgh, pa
tecumseh, mi

commenting on our dependency on technology and its rapid development, this amusing street piece is a dramatic and unusual site for passersby.


tethered kites

fabric, steel, and string
80”x 96”x 110”
various locations

initially created for an outdoor exhibit in philadelphia, tethered kites is a whimsical and seemingly gravity-defying piece that speaks to the importance of imagination and the pursuit of simple joys. it has also been shown at the union project in pittsburgh, pa and the city of germantown, tn.


walking rocks

Rocks, painted bisqueware, and cement
12”x 14”x 18” and 12”x 14”x 20”
reykjavik, iceland

created to add something special to the long and monotonous waterfront of reykjavik, this project playfully speaks to the mythologies of iceland while providing an unsuspected surprise for pedestrians.